Frequently asked questions about PurePlastic. What, why, when?!

What other products will be published? Will you make items from only WEED-manga's characters or from old GNG-characters, Orion's new dogs etc? When you have published your first merchandise sets, will you make products from this or that series or characters?

At this moment we have deal of 8 plush toys and 12 posters. Making other items will be decided later: it depends on how well products that we have now do in pre orders.
If sales are good, we probably will make lot of different kind of items and we can make items from less known series or characters. If sales are bad, these might the only products that PurePlastic makes from Ginga-series. The easiest way to secure that new products will be made is to buy the ones made now.

How long are products in sale? Where can I buy them? If they are sold out, do you make reprints?
Items are sold until they are sold out. They are not "Limited Edition" -items.
You can see list of stores that sell our items if you click "Jälleenmyyjät" -link. We also take recommendations from Swedish and Dansk stores that might be interested in selling our products. If you know any store/website that sells anime, manga, scifi & similar items in those countries, please contact: asiakaspalvelu(a) .
Reprints depend on products. Reprints from posters are easy so if we get permission from Japan, we will make reprints. Plush toy reprints are unsure as plush toys must be made in bulk which makes reissuing difficult.

How often will you publish new items?
Plush toys are ment to go though during next few months. Posters are on waiting list as we need them to be checked in Japan first.

Does Takahashi himself approve these items?
Yes, Takahashi will approve all items in three stages: is product idea good, is chosen subject good and is the finnished product good.
So first we ask permission to make posters and plush toys. Second we give list of pictures and characters which we wish to use. Third we get prototype of items to be checked.

How do prototypes differ from final produts? Is there lot of change in quality?
Difference in prototype is usually minimal. There is one plush published in future that has extra "eyebrows" in prototype version.
In posters there will be no quality changes. Plushies will have small differencies as few millimeter change in fabric will cause plush to look bit different. For example prototype Weed: Weed's muzzle is tilted bit to the right.

Why is Weed grey, not blue?
The color of character will depend on what kind of fabric we can get. With Weed our choices were grey or Facebook-blue.

Where does name PurePlastic come from?
We choose the name as it sounds fun pronounced in English, Finnis (pureplätsi) and Japan (purepura).