Okami PVC Statue Oki (Wolf Form) 21 cm (First 4 Figures)

Okami PVC Statue Oki (Wolf Form) 21 cm (First 4 Figures)

Initial release date of the product: December 2021. Please note that pre-ordering items that are already in stock or that are realeased at different times may increase the shipping cost.

Okami PVC Statue Oki (Wolf Form) 21 cm (First 4 Figures)

First 4 Figures is proud to introduce their latest PVC collectible, Oki (Wolf Form). This is the second statue to release in the Okami PVC lineup.

Oki is a warrior from the Oina tribe, and this particular PVC statue is of him in his wolf form. When in his wolf form, Oki has a blue aura emanating from his chest, making him look even more fierce and powerful. And the cloud of smoke on the base makes the piece even more dynamic as if a trail was left behind as he jumps into battle.

Oki feels that it is his burden (and his burden alone) to rid Kamui of the twin demons Lechku and Nechkum, who continue to ravage the lands with never-ending snowstorms. Oki steals the sacred sword Kutone from his village and goes on a quest to slay any demon in his path as he makes his way to Lechku and Nechku to end them once and for all.

Okami - Oki (Wolf Form) PVC (Standard Edition) comes with the following:

- Okami - Oki (Wolf Form) PVC painted statue
- Highly detailed base inspired by the Okami art style
- Glow in the dark blue flames
- F4F leaflet with 500 F4F reward points included

It measures approx. 21 x 20 x 28 cm tall and comes with matching base in a deluxe full color packaging.

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