Japanese Prize figures are figures of anime or manga characters that are sold as prizes for raffles or raffle games. They are usually about 10-20 cm in size and made of plastic. Prize figures are simpler and more affordable than high-level scale figures, but are still accurate and detailed. They can be used as decorations on shelves or display cases. Prize figures cost 30-50 euros on average.

Prize figures are popular in Japan and are often sold at kiosks, arcades or specialty stores. Prize figures are popular collectibles for anime fans, and their availability and value can vary greatly, making them an interesting addition to any enthusiast’s collection. Prize figures are mostly seasonal products that change every month and are rarely reprinted.

The name Prize (prize) comes from the fact that figures were initially produced almost exclusively as prizes for arcades. Nowadays, it is already easier to buy figures outside of competitions.

Do you have to assemble the prize figures yourself?

Yes. Prize figures often consist of 2-5 parts. However, assembly is easy and the parts are simply pressed together. When assembling the parts, however, you should think for a moment about the order in which the figure should be assembled and where to direct the compression pressure. Usually, the head should be attached last.

The parts don’t fit together…

Assembling Prize figures sometimes requires strength. It is worth checking whether there is any excess plastic left on either end of the connection, which needs to be removed with a knife. The figure can also be held under running water. Remember: cold shrinks, heat expands. Sometimes the instructions for the figures even mention separately that you should first heat the figure with e.g. a hair dryer before assembling.

However, such situations are quite rare and most of the prize figures are simply pressed together.

Can the prize figures be used as toys?

No. Although prize figures are more durable than scale figures, they are not suitable as toys and are only sold as decorative items in Japan. Small parts can be easily detached from the Prize figures, and the material used to make the figures is rigid and does not withstand bending or knocking.

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