What are scale figures?Scale figures are anime-themed collectible figures designed based on a certain scale (scale = scale ratio). They are detailed and high quality figures that depict anime or manga characters in life size and proportions. Scale figures includes a wide range of different products, ranging from simple basic poses to complex diorama figures. The price of scale figures is on average 70-300 euros, but it can go up to thousands of euros.

If the figure is made in a 1/1 ratio, it means that it is the same size as the original figure. Usually this means a small mascot figure or it is a massive statue weighing tens of kilos. 1/8 or 1/6 part, on the other hand, means that an 18.5 cm or 25 cm tall figure would be made from a figure about 150 cm tall. A 1/10 size figure would be 15 cm again. Scale measurements are an easy way to understand the figure’s height, because it is often difficult to estimate the measurements of figures in different poses.

The size of Scale figures varies a lot, but they are most commonly 15-25 cm high. Figures are usually made of high quality materials such as PVC, ABS or other high quality types of plastic and are carefully painted and detailed. Scale figures are exact reproductions of the original anime or manga characters and they aim to convey the details, expressions and poses of the characters as faithfully as possible.

Scale figures are generally aimed at collectors and anime fans who appreciate accurate details and quality finishes. They are popular collectibles that can be used as decorations. Scale figures are beautiful and accurate representations of favorite characters and are prized for their visual appeal and fine detail.

You should consider a display case for displaying scale figures, because the details bring disadvantages in the long run: the figures are unlikely to withstand falling or dripping, and many details are often difficult to clean when the figure gets dusty.

Usein kysyttyä Scale -figuureista

Miku Hatsune – Love is War diorama figure

What is a diorama?A diorama is a figure that comes with a significantly large platform or background on which to place the figure.

Are the scale figures always painted?

Today, practically all scale figures are painted. Sometimes there are garage kit figures for sale that are supposed to be painted and assembled by yourself, but they are rare.

Do you have to assemble the scale figures yourself?

Scale figures usually consist of two parts: the figure and the base. However, they often have small details (sword, hair clip, rosette, cigarette…) that are attached to the figure itself.

Although assembly can be simple, it is worth allocating at least ten minutes of time and a flat surface. The figures are quite durable, but they cannot withstand abuse or being bent in the wrong direction.

The figure came with a support stick, but the figure stays upright without it. Is it worth putting a cane in?

Worth to. Even if the figure stays upright without it, the support stick prevents it from being damaged in the future. If the figure has a spectacular pose or a massive hairstyle, it may break over time due to its weight.

How do I keep my scale figure as fit as possible?

The best storage place is a glass display case, where the figure cannot get dusty. Remember to especially avoid sunlight and direct sunlight. Warming spotlights should also not be placed near the figures.

Otherwise, when storing, it is important to ensure that the figures do not freeze.

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