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Contact customer service using the attached form. Tell us the order number, your name, your email, the product you want to return and the reason for the return. The product can also be replaced or partially replaced, if it is, for example, a product damaged during transport.

Probably not. Most of the products sold on our website are collectibles that are only available for a short time. In Japan, the products change about once a month and the products are often sold out already during pre-orders. Taking reprints is extremely rare.

Pre-orders being late are common. In particular, figures over 100 euros are often late for their schedules. The reason for this is the quality required of the figures: if a defect is detected in the products during the manufacturing stage, it is corrected before the product is sent to the market.

Soft toys, mugs, posters and similar products are rarely late. The figures from the Pop Up Parade and Nendoroid series are also simple in design, so they are rarely late.

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