General information and frequently asked questions

How long does it take to deliver orders?

The delivery time depends on the chosen delivery method.

Mail 1-2 days

DB Schenker 1-5 days

Matkahuolto 1-3 days

Orders are packed every day and on weekdays, orders are mailed on average 24 hours after placing the order. In December and other busy times, the delivery time is about 24-60 hours, i.e. 1-3 days.

We are not responsible for mistakes made by means of transport.

Can I somehow speed up the delivery of the order?

If the order is very urgent, you should reply to the order confirmation, write it in the prepared heading URGENT and tell in the message when the order is needed at the latest. In this case, it tries to skip the queue.

The product I received has not arrived, I received the wrong product or the product was broken when it arrived.

Please contact customer service to clarify the matter.

What kind of return right do the products have?

Products can be returned within 2 weeks of their arrival. Before returning, please contact customer service and tell us the reason for the return.

Product returns are free, with the exception of pre-order products or products that were in a promotional campaign (discounts, Postikuluto week, Pocky day, etc.). Read more detailed instructions in the terms of use.

What does duplicate warranty mean?

Many products are sold randomly. In the duplicate guarantee, the package is opened and the figure you received is recorded in your customer information. The warranty is automatically valid, so you don’t need to request it separately.

The duplicate guarantee only applies to registered customers. Products ordered as guests, i.e. without registration, have no warranty.

The guarantee does not apply to secret or surprise characters.

What is a secret or surprise character?

Several product lines have a secret figure whose picture is just an exclamation mark or a black circle on the package. These characters are significantly rarer than other characters and getting them depends on luck.

Where will the container go next? Can the container come to the location XYZ?

Surveys about container tours are done from time to time, and you can put locality suggestions on the container at any time.

Can you pay by card in the container?
Of course.