What are Nendoroids?

Nendoroid is a Japanese figure brand of the Goodsmile Company, known for small, cuddly and highly detailed figures. Nendoroids are especially popular among anime and manga fans, but in recent years they have also started appearing in Western series and games.

Nendoroid figures are usually around 10cm tall and are designed in a “chibi” style, meaning they are small and cute versions of the original characters. They are customizable and include a variety of add-ons such as interchangeable faces, hands and objects that allow you to create different poses. In addition to this, the parts of almost all Nendoroids can be interchanged! The Nendoroids are also highly detailed and hand painted, making them high quality collectible figures.


Nendoroids are different from other anime figures, especially because of their interchangeable parts and transformability. Nendoroids give fans the chance to create different poses and the chance to express different emotions and expressions of the characters. Often, the Nendoroids’ expressions and replacement parts come directly from the events of the series, so you can use them to create scenes. Nendoroids are released in limited quantities, making them sought-after collectibles.


The popularity of Nendoroids is also influenced by their small size: they do not require a large space or separate display cases, but they fit well anywhere. In Japan, a Swaccao! series of Nendoroids has even been produced, where the figure has a fitted body, allowing the figures to fit into an even smaller space. Compared to many other figures, Nendoroids are also durable, i.e. they don’t break when they fall, for example, and they often even withstand being dropped on the floor.

Due to their adaptability, Nendoroids are especially popular among figure photographers: you can easily get dozens of different images from one figure by changing faces and poses.


Frequently asked questions about Nendoroid figures

Can the parts of all Nendoroids be interchanged?

Almost! 99% of Nendoroids are compatible, meaning you can exchange their faces, bodies, hands, bases, decorative items, etc. with each other. However, the exception to this are some older Nendoroid figures (made before 2012) and special characters such as animals.

What are Nendoroid More products?

Nendoroid More products are an additional product of Nendoroids, with which you can get more replacement parts for the characters. The More series includes replacement faces, bodies, hands, decorations as well as backgrounds or furniture.

If I buy a Nendoroid More face and a Nendoroid More body, Can I build them into a Nendoroid figure?

You don’t. You are still missing the head, i.e. the part where you can attach the face. Heads are rarely sold loose.

I would like to buy a specific Nendoroid. Can I get it through you?

Yes, we can open pre-order for new Nendoroids. We can try to look for older Nendoroids, but it’s worth remembering: Nendoroids are seasonal products, most of which are sold during pre-orders, so even a year after the release of the product, getting it can be challenging.

What are Petite or Petit Nendoroid figures?

Petite Nendoroids are, as the name suggests, mini-sized Nendoroid figures. They appeared especially in the years 2000-2010. Unlike normal models, Petite figures had no interchangeable parts or faces.

Nendoroids are not rare. You can get them all from Wish for 2 euros!

Due to the popularity of Nendoroids, pirated versions are also made. Pirated figures have a lot of quality problems and their parts often don’t fit together. They also have no collector’s value. Importing and selling pirated products is illegal.

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