What are Nendoroids? Nendoroid is a Japanese figure brand of the Goodsmile Company, known for small, cuddly and highly detailed figures. Nendoroids are especially popular among anime and manga fans, but in recent years they have also started appearing in Western series and games. Nendoroid figures are usually around 10cm tall and are designed in […]

Scale figures

What are scale figures?Scale figures are anime-themed collectible figures designed based on a certain scale (scale = scale ratio). They are detailed and high quality figures that depict anime or manga characters in life size and proportions. Scale figures includes a wide range of different products, ranging from simple basic poses to complex diorama figures. […]

Prize figures

Japanese Prize figures are figures of anime or manga characters that are sold as prizes for raffles or raffle games. They are usually about 10-20 cm in size and made of plastic. Prize figures are simpler and more affordable than high-level scale figures, but are still accurate and detailed. They can be used as decorations […]